From maintenance up until a full overhaul

We have over 10 years of experience in repairing, modifying and overhauling guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Does your amplifier not work anymore, does is make strange noises or does it just not sound right, please contact us so we can solve your problem. We do not charge research cost en always give quotation in advance of the repair.

Preventive maintenance

Tube amplifiers are a bit like cars: stand still or long use without maintenance is asking for trouble. We advise to have you amplifier checked once every 2 to 5 years depending on the rate of use. If you play frequently and have a lot of gigs, it is sensible to have your amplifier checked every 2 years. Do you play once in a while, then 3 to 5 years will do.

The lack of maintenance can result in failure of the amplifier, worst case during your gig. Failure is most of the time caused by damaged tubes, burned out power stage and/or damaged power transformer. Overall these are quite expensive repairs.

Buizenbias Reparatie
Buizenbias Reparatie

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing does apply fixed pricing for preventive maintenance

Amplifier with 2 power tubes                       EUR 35,-
Amplifier with 4 power tubes                       EUR 45,-
Amplifier with 6 power tubes                       EUR 55,-
Amplifier with 8 power tubes                       EUR 65,-

For these amounts we check the pre amp tubes and power tubes for wear, bias the amplifier (adjusting the power tubes) if necessary, test the earthing and leak currents for electrical safety.

Prices mentioned are excluding VAT, any used materials and new tubes.

For preventive maintenance you do not have to drive twice. We check your amplifier while you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and read one of the many guitar magazines. Please call in advance for an appointment.

Repair of tube amplifiers / speaker cabinets

Does your amplifier not give sound any more or makes strange noises like hum, oscillations or motor boating, then we are glad to check your amplifier.

Also we repair wooden cabinets for amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Repairing tolex or /and replacing grill cloth is also possible.

We do not charge for research and before starting the repair we always send a quotation.

Please contact us for an appointment

Reparatie - Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing

Modifying tube amplifiers

Your amplifier works fine, but you missing a master volume, effect loop or another feature? The sound is ok but just not what you want? Please contact us and we can discuss the possibilities to upgrade your amplifier to your needs.

 Overhaul of old amplifiers

Do you have an old Fender, Marshall, Vox or another fabulous old tube amplifier, but the days are counted on it? We can bring your amplifier to life again.

 We bring the electrical circuit back as far as possible to its original state including the correct components. Old clumsy repairs are removed and taken care of .

 Also we can overhaul cabinets and replace tolex and speaker cloth. We do advise to leave old tolex and grill cloth on and only replace it if there is no other option left. The old tolex still has the best vintage look.

We do not charge for research, before starting an overhaul you always receive a quotation first.

Please contact us for an appointment.

Safety check

All amplifiers we build, repair or overhaul receive a check for electrical safety.

We check grounding, insulation resistance of the power supply and check the leak current to ground.