Electronic manufacturing

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing has a completely utilised working space for assembling Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), constructing turret boards, building tube amplifiers and other electronical products. Our soldering is done in accordance with the RoHS compliance.

PCB/turret board assembly

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing has lots of experience in assembling and soldering PCB’s and turret boards. We are specialized in assembling conventional PCB’s (through hole).

We work with supplied parts or we can arrange the complete purchase of all components. To build turret boards we have special tools to press the turrets in the board.

Building small series and proto types is also no problem. Contact is for the possibilities.

PCB Bestuken - Elfring Manufacturing
Versterkerbouw - Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing

Amplifier manufacturing

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing manufactures complete amplifiers including wiring. Manufacturing chassis, fronts and silkscreens is also possible, We can work with supplied parts by the customer of arrange the purchase of all parts.


Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing can supply wiring including connectors, cable lugs, stripped wire ends, etc. With our cutting and stripping machine we can do this at competitive prices.

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