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Building cabinets

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing has fully equipped work place to manufacture heads, combo and speaker cabinets. We can manufacture single pieces as well as bigger quantities. We have a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) router which allows as to manufacture cheap and fast.

Furthermore we can tolex the cabinets , apply grill cloth and assemble the cabinets with your choice of speaker.

Wood shop

With our computer driven router we can manufacture fast and accurate cabinets. The CNC router has a precision of 0.1 mm which makes all the parts fit perfectly. With our own developed wood connection we take care of a robust and secure connection which can withstand most abuse.

Kastenbouw - Elfring Manufacturing
Speakerkasten Bouwen

In our wood shop we can cut off wood, round off corners, and do much other woodwork. Making the cabinets black inside is also possible, we use a solvent free paint.

Manufacturing of only baffles or small quantities is not a problem


Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing has a lot of experience with (re-) tolexing of amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Almost any type of tolex or colour can be obtained and used. Also re-tolexing of old cabinets can be possible. Re-tolexing is not always possible. It is depending on the glue which has been used in the past.

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Elfring Manufacturing - Speakerdoek

Grill cloth

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing has a lot of experience with (re-)applying grill cloth. Almost all types and colours of grill cloth can be obtained and applied. Re-applying grill cloth at old cabinets is also possible.

Hardware/ speaker

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing can deliver and install all kinds of hardware like handles, corners, speaker jack plates, wheels, feet, etc. Also we can deliver speakers en install them including wiring.

Please contact us for the possibilities