Amplifier Design

From turnkey project to 3D models

Turn key project

We design and produce complete tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets, from scratch up till the working product. We can make an authentic tube amplifier with hand wired turret board as well as a modern tube amplifier with a custom designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB). We manage the complete design process and -if wanted- the manufacturing process of the tube amplifier. From schematics- and PCB design up till the wooden cabinets and from 3D chassis design up till silk screen, powder coating and tolexing.

Prototype redesign

Do you already have a proto type and you are dreaming of your own brand? Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing can help you out. We are specialist in redesigning a proto type into a serial product which can be manufactured cost effectively and still has a high quality. If wanted we can also arrange the serial production.

Schema Printplaat Ontwerp

Schematics / Print circuit board design

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing designs turret boards as well as printed circuit boards (PCB’s) for tube amplifiers and advises in the choice of components.

The schematics and PCB’s are being designed by computer software, therefore revisions can be made easily.

If wanted, Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing can also arrange the manufacturing of the PCB’s.

3D Design

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing can provide 3D models for tube amplifiers as well as other products. We can for example draw a chassis and make the necessary files to produce the chassis. Supply of the chassis including powder coating and/or silk screen is also possible.

3D Tekenwerk - Elfring Manufacturing
ontwerp omkasting

Design of wooden cabinets

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing designs wooden cabinets for tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. We can advise which wood types can be used as well as the kind of wood connection. To avoid standing waves and resonances, we have developed our own calculation software, with this software we can quickly check a design for flaws.

CE regulation Advise

Many products which are sold in the European Union (EU) have to comply with CE regulations. This CE marking shows the compliances with the regulation for safety. The CE Marking is mandatory for tube amplifiers. Speaker cabinets do not need the marking.

We can advise how to obtain the CE marking, which components should be used, which design rules have to be obeyed and which tests have to performed.

Other products

Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing is specialized in tube amplifiers and cabinets but is not limited to these products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for designing and manufacturing other products.

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